Lucky Savage Leather accessories can carry and protect way more than business cards, note cards and cell phones. Think outside the glove box!


Everyday carry items that fit in your Lucky Savage piece:

Keys, mustache wax/comb, Big League Chew, glow sticks, a wad of Benjamins, Swiss Army Knifes, lip balm, Space Pen, key fob, gift cards as a present, tactical pen, opera tickets, launch codes, Pez Dispenser, gum, sunglasses, golf tees, smuggled diamonds, motorcycle keys/earplugs, baseball cards, hockey cards, football cards, lemonade flask, hearing aids, dice, pocket watch, flashlights, flash drive, nail clippers, sunscreen, skull rings, playing cards, tools, cigar cutter, lighters, vitamins, dog whistle, gold coins, wine/beer opener, secret decoder ring, Altoids, pepper spray, compass, magnifying glass, guitar slide, guitar picks, baton, Sax reeds, sharpie marker, pictures, business cards, cell phones, note cards, digital recorder, secret key, challenge coins, tourniquet, first aid supplies, matches, lucky charms, sacred medals and even sacred stones!