About Lucky Savage

Russ Riendeau is the Barrington, Illinois artist and craftsman behind Lucky Savage Leather Goods. 

Lucky Savage Leather Goods© are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces, by artist/craftsman, Russ Riendeau. Crafted from salvaged, vintage baseball gloves and leather attachés we snatch from secret agents, eccentric millionaires, nefarious smugglers, exiled sultans and notorious thieves, Russ deconstructs the pieces (in a secret location), then imagines a new life for the storied leather to carry and protect your everyday carry items. Fun, one-of-a-kind, conversation-starting pieces of usable art; nostalgic accessories for the adventurous spirit.

Lucky Savage Leather pieces love attention, can carry your personal items and even carry the conversation! Your new leather accessory will insist on being prominently placed on the restaurant table (note the key hook on every piece, so you’ll never leave it behind), on the bar, riding shotgun through a bad part of town, sitting on your fancy desk, at poker table with your favorite cigar, reunions, down on one knee shooting snake eyes in the alley, biker rallies, airport lounges, golf outings, backyard parties, ballgames, protest marches, sit-ins, at the coffee shop, ladies night, boys night, date night or board of director’s round table session. Lucky Savage Leather pieces are imperfectly constructed by an imperfect human. And like the species, they each take on a personality of their own. Embrace it, live it, celebrate it! Give them as gifts!

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